Hospitality meeting in Plovdiv

Hospitality meeting in Plovdiv

“Our meeting that took place on September 16th in Plovdiv was certainly one of the most stimulating so far addressed. On this occasion, visiting two different structures that deal with boys and girls with disabilities, it was particularly interesting to hear the methods of approach to teaching and integration. It is only since 2017, in fact, that the Reform of the School System allows children and young people with mild and / or moderate disabilities to attend Schools together with able-bodied peers“, underlined Roberto Rinaldi, president of the leading association of HOSPITALITY, Meet Lab . A project that since its first conception has made the integration and well-being of people with disabilities its fulcrum: HOSPITALITY, in fact, intends to encourage and promote the participation in the physical activities of these subjects – with intellectual disabilities and with personality disorders – through gentle gymnastics courses accompanied by a conclusion of mindfulness meditation.

The team of experts from Italy, Romania, Turkey and Bulgaria made a demonstration lesson with exercises to develop motor activity for children with special educational needs in the Center for special educational support, Plovdiv. Students and teachers participated actively and were very happy to implement new practices.

“Colleagues were impressed by the modern equipment of the specialized classrooms and the cozy atmosphere, and most importantly – the professionalism and concern of the specialists towards students with SEN”, shared Lucia Veleva. As Vesselka Bakish, director of the Center, mentioned inclusion happens when all stakeholders work together and support children and their families. Sports and organized games provide new opportunities for developing skills and a healthy lifestyle, for individual performance, but also for building team personalities. The center in Plovdiv is one of the largest in Bulgaria and offers quality training and therapy to children with special educational needs. At the moment, 112 students from are studying there.

“The term mindfulness means awareness, and it is precisely what we have tried to convey to these people: awareness of oneself, paying attention to reality in the present moment, thus leading to develop greater confidence in one’s self” explained one of the instructors instead who took part in the project.

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