AMORE Project

AMORE Project

According to 2018 Eurobarometer Bulgaria owns the absolute first place in Europe for physical inactivity among adult population with 68%, Romania follows with 63%, then Italy, with 62%. Our project Aging Movement or Rethinking Aging, AMORE, unites the efforts of 4 partners from 3 of the EU countries with highest level of inactive adults – Bulgaria, Romania and Italy.

It aims to awaken the interest in sport and physical activity in the 50+ sedentary age group, so as to lead them to healthier old age and prevent cardiovascular and musculoskeletal diseases, a consequence of inconsistent practice of physical activity. Specific objectives of the project are: Design and implement one six months course for adults age 50+ in each partner country; Prepare video material of good practices in each partner country; Prepare a manual with description of good practices in each partner country, that can be used both by the common citizens to practice physical activity and for the instructors and organization to implement program s specifically aimed at the targeted age group; Disseminate all the material, documents and studies produced throughout the project to stakeholders and health agencies working with adults of age 50+.

Project activities include: 4 Transnational partners meetings – Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy; 2 Sport meetings with the involvement of stakeholders – Bulgaria and Romania, and a final dissemination meeting in Italy. The sustainability of AMORE is guaranteed by the fact that its results will be published and made available broadly, and that the partner organizations already have a tradition of cooperation. The project will be a step forward in a relationship that already exists.

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