SPRINT Project

SPRINT Project

The SPRINT project will unite the affords of four partner organisations from Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania to encourage and promote participation in sport of children and young people of disadvantaged backgrounds: children in residential care and handicapped children.

Partners will design and implement a study that will allow to collect data and to strengthen a network of cooperation, so that members and associations in each region may take advantage of the synergies and exchanges produced. The study will describe in detail the current situation of sports among target groups; will help to understand the issues associated with the promotion of sport that are perceived as obstacles or incentives for the practice of sport among target groups. Partners will propose specific actions to improve the shortcomings which have been identified; will identify good practices; will produce video material and a manual with description of good practices in each partner country.

Four project meetings wil be organised to allow collaboration and coordination of the delivery of project outputs. The first meeting will be in Suceava, Romania, the second in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In Plovdiv a Sport Meeting will be organised to involve a larger scale of stakeholdes: volunteers, managers in sport non profit organisations, representatives of public authorities, educators from social service centers, primary and secondary schools. The third meeting in Hungary will be a milestone to present survey results and video outputs. The final fourth meeting in Turin will be enlarged as an European seminar for debate and dissemination of project results.

All material, documents and studies produced throughout the project will be disseminated to stakeholders and policy makers working with the target groups through a wide digital platform including project web site, social media and youtube channel. Local and regional media in partner countries will reflect project activities and results.




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