Final TPM in Greece

Last meeting in Athens for the CHANCE project. All young people with different backgrounds need to have the CHANCE to choose between training, family, work… normal life and criminality. If, with the CHANCE project we managed to inspire professionals and volunteers to help young people to choose, we did a good job. That is what we what to convey to […]

3rd TPM in Silta

At Silta, Tampere, we saw for real life that rehabilitation works. Young people, even prisoners, have a CHANCE to choose. At Silta they are not alone, they find professionals (not burocrates), peers, and friends to discuss problems and plans. No surprise Finland is a country where the number of prisoners is two times and more less than in Bulgaria and […]

2nd LTTA

With the starting of the pandemic and all the restrictions all over Europe was impossible to meet in person with all the partners. Instead of postponing the meeting, we decided to use an online platform- Zoom to exchange our good practices with presentations, discussing the manual production process or a moral discussion.

1st LTTA in Greece

Even though the starting of the global pandemic of Covid-19 most of the partners were in Athens for the second meeting for the CHANCE projects. During these three days of meeting all the partners exchanged their ideas about alternative measures to prison for juveniles and young offenders to increase the positive impacts that implementation of such measures would bring back […]

Kick off meeting in Greece

The 1st Transnational Project Meeting (kick-off meeting) of the “CHANCE-Changing lives by Community Engagement” project was successfully carried out in Athens Greece 22-23.10.2019. “CHANCE” is a project within the framework of Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships in the field of Youth with partners from 6 EU countries: Freedom Gate Greece (Coordinating organization) (Greece) Probation Services of Greece, Fundación Diagrama Intervención Psicosocial […]

The ‘CHANCE’ project

The ‘CHANCE’ – Changing lives by community engagement CHANCE is a community-oriented project co-founded with Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and coordinated by Freedom Gate Greece. Its mission is contributing to the European inmates’ wellbeing through enforced community-based measures. To achieve that, CHANCE aims to develop a set of child-friendly and community-based recommendations in Europe Professionals from youth justice […]