Forum theatre as a way to address social issues

Forum theatre as a way to address social issues

Forum theatre serves as an innovative lens through which to examine and address pressing social issues from diverse perspectives. As participants embody narratives, audiences are invited to observe and engage with the depicted scenarios, prompting them to contemplate alternative approaches and fostering post-performance discussions. This is what happened on the second day of the last meeting of the ESCAPE project, where representatives from Bulgaria, Italy, and Finland explored the themes of exclusion, domestic violence, and drug abuse.

Divided into three groups, participants collaborated to craft theatrical portrayals of distinct social challenges, offering nuanced insights into each issue. Following these performances, attendees engaged in introspection, exchanging reflections and delving into structured dialogues centered around pivotal inquiries such as, “How might these situations be navigated differently?” and “What insights can we glean from this shared experience?”

Moreover, the gathering facilitated a comparison of national realities, wherein attendees elucidated the contextual nuances surrounding these issues within their respective countries. This juxtaposition not only broadened participants’ understanding but also catalyzed discussions regarding the efficacy of existing policies aimed at safeguarding individuals from such profound societal challenges.

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