Mindful media: Shaping youth well-being

Mindful media: Shaping youth well-being

Social media has become a tool for young people to express themselves, to share their ideas and observe other people’s experiences. The content on social media greatly influences the views and opinions of people. It is a great platform to talk about important matters in society such as mental health, body shaming. Social media has the power to influence people positively or negatively. It is of crucial importance for the young generation to be able to navigate through it efficiently.

Through the project “Mindful Media: Shaping Youth Well-Being,” we aim to help young people better manage their mental well-being by equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to take care of themselves mentally.

The purpose of this project was to make mental health something we can openly talk about without feeling judged. We wanted to create a safe space where people could share their mental health experiences. We have provided helpful support such as informative brochures, details about local workshops, and helpline numbers. Additionally, we have used social media and TikTok to spread the word about mental health, emphasizing that it’s okay to feel not okay sometimes and that seeking help is important.

Media can be a powerful tool to increase awareness and reduce judgment about mental health issues. By depicting mental health problems in a truthful and compassionate way, the media can educate young people about the signs of these issues and encourage them to seek help if needed. Media can also demonstrate healthy ways to manage mental health, such as coping with stress. Through social media, young people can find mental health resources and support groups.

To find out what we did during the project, please follow through our next articles!

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