Skopje – A bridge to the old and the new

Have you ever seen Skopje? If not, you shouldn’t miss out on such a good travel opportunity!  Let our guide lead the way: SEE and Hear Guide – Skopje Standing on the banks of the Vardar River amid mountainous country, Skopje began as ancient Scupi, an Illyrian tribal centre. It became the capital of the district of Dardania (part of […]

SEE and Hear – Stara Zagora – The city of Roman experience

Do you sometimes wish time could stop or bring us back to ancient time, just to observe history? If Yes, then Stara Zagora is the perfect place to do that. The city is also very old, and has borne several different names: Beroe, Eski Zagra, Augusta Traiana and Irene Polis.  Confused where to begin from when going to Stara Zagora? […]

See and Hear – Edirne, the city of many sights

Have you ever heard of Hadrianople? How about Uskuduama? A city, mysterious and known as the Ottoman Empire’s capital city and nowadays famous for its spacious bazaars, mosques and cheese called ‘’peynir’’. That is right! This is no other than Edirne whose history also starts with the Thracian inhabitants. Long after emperor Hadrian’s rule, the city was captured by the […]

SEE and Hear – a walk around Ancient Plovdiv

As promised in our initial article, dedicated to the objectives of our project ‘’See and Hear’’, we shall tell you about each and every city and what impressed us and our partners most.  We are starting with the oldest city on the map of Bulgaria – Plovdiv. A city older than Rome, home to more than two civilizations and nowadays […]

SEE and Hear

Have you ever thought about what the connection among Plovdiv, Skopje, Stara Zagora and Edirne might be? That is right – our project “SEE and Hear”! We are delighted to announce that together with partners from Plovdiv, Macedonia and Turkey, we combined efforts to contribute to local and international tourism. The objective of SEE and Hear is to promote cultural […]

See & Hear Edirne

The last event of our project titled “See & Hear” was hosted by ETTDER Edirne Tanıtım ve Turizm Derneği and took place in Edirne, Turkey between 7-11 March 2023. 18 participants from three countries: Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Turkey who shared knowledge about history and cultural heritage of the Balkans. So much we have in common! A route of high […]

See & Hear training in Skopje

Our second See & Hear journey was in North Macedonia, one of the very few countries from the Balkan Peninsula which is not yet member of the European Union, but strongly wish to become an equal part of it. From 15th to 20th of October a group of young people and seniors from Bulgaria, Turkey and North Macedonia visited the […]

See & Hear Stara Zagora & Plovdiv

See & Hear Project first stop was Stara Zagora, capital of the region with the same name in central Bulgaria. We invite you to enjoy our walk in the Antique Forum Augusta Trayana and modern city center. Get into the amazing Regional History museum, follow us along an original Roman street – Cardo Maximus and dress as real Roman senator […]