See & Hear training in Skopje

See & Hear training in Skopje

Our second See & Hear journey was in North Macedonia, one of the very few countries from the Balkan Peninsula which is not yet member of the European Union, but strongly wish to become an equal part of it. From 15th to 20th of October a group of young people and seniors from Bulgaria, Turkey and North Macedonia visited the city of Skopje and surroundings to enhance the dialogue between our neighbor countries and share European values. The city of Skopje surprised us with his center full of statues and monuments, but the guided tour through the city was very useful to understand how different ethnics could live together in peace and how much we share in common.

Our great partners from Next Generation NGO showed us every little corner of Skopje including the precious Matka Canyon, the old city of Skopje with his dedicated museum, little cafes and traditional restaurants, Skopje Fortress, the hill Millennium Cross where Skopje people go to relax and do sport activities during the weekend. Finally, we also visited the Mother Teressa’s memorial house which remembered us one more time that we are all one and we should treat each other with love and respect. We leave Skopje with this important testament impatient to see us again and share more in Edirne, Turkey.

Thanks a lot also to the Bulgarian National Television and their team from the program “Bulgaria in 60 minutes” who made a lovely reportage about our first SEE and Hear journey in North Macedonia. Click on the image to see the full video, from minute 26.

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