Eco Melodies – Empowering sustainability through music

Eco Melodies – Empowering sustainability through music

Bethoven, one of the greatest musicians of all time, has believed that music is a tool so powerful that it can change the world. And it’s true – nowadays music is an undeniable part of our cultures and daily life. What would happen if we used the help of melodies, words and rhymes to promote sustainability and more eco lifestyle?

Eco Melodies is a youth exchange that tries to achieve exactly that!

Between the 22nd February and 2nd March, the project under the Erasmus + united participants from Macedonia, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Latvia and Serbia who participated in various activities related to both music and sustainabily. The main objective of the project was to empower young people to use music as means of promoting ecological awareness and action. Through creative workshops, interactive presentations, and outdoor activities, the young people have been able to develop their musical skills and create original music that promotes environmental sustainability, conservation, and climate action. By bringing together participants from different cultural and musical backgrounds, the goal was to create a unique and original musical experience that transcends language and cultural barriers.

Other objectives of the project included:

  • encourage young people to become more engaged in their communities and to take a
    more active role in promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship;
  • foster intercultural dialogue and respect for cultural diversity
    to address the urgent need for greater ecological awareness and action among young
  • inspire participants to use their musical talents to make a positive impact on the world
  • give opportunity to young people from involved youth organizations to meet and to
  • learn from each other using non–formal education methodology;
  • promote Erasmus + programme and opportunities it offers.

If you wish to learn about what we did during the project, follow through our next articles!

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