”My magic childhood” in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

”My magic childhood” in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Did you know that according to a scientific research, one of the best ways to connect best with your children is to to play games or sports with them? Such was the objective of one of our most recent events My Magic Childhood which was held on the 2nd of June in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. We organised activities tailored for both parents and their children with the goal to inspire families to build a stronger bond through games and sport.

Throughout the event, we played various games such as ”the handkerchief thief” which is called differently around the world. All players sit in a circle on the ground and one of them is the thief. The thief secretly drops a handkerchief behind one of the other players’ back while being careful not to be noticed. If the thief manages to go around the circle before the player realises that the handkerchief is behind him, the player who is sitting is out of the game. However, if the sitting player feels the thief trying to put a handkerchief behind his back, he goes to chase the thief. If the handkerchief is touched by the player, the thief is out of the game. We adapted the game in a way that parents and children run hand in hand and build a stronger team spirit and connection within the game.

”My magic childhood” is an event under our project BONTS in which the main objective is to bring families together with the help of sport and games. We would like to thank all families who invested some of their time to join us in the activities, and we hope that we have inspired them to keep playing and growing together!

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