Whistle interview with Nadia Mladenova

Whistle interview with Nadia Mladenova

“Many men don’t really realize that they are bothering or offending in this way, they think of it as a joke. They don’t think that it could hurt and that someone who is more timid might close in and not go running anymore.”

Nadia Mladenova is a Bulgarian former Shotokan karate competitor , strength and conditioning fitness coach, Adidas Runners Sofia team captain and sports blogger.

Not so far ago, she decide to stand up and to share on Facebook an unpleasant situation she had with one of her teammates. She was so shocked about how people reacted to her post, that once we contacted her she immediately agreed to share with us her thoughts about sexual harassment and verbal violence in sports. We talked a lot about aggression, personal boundaries, respect and we all agree that in Bulgaria the verbal violence is considered something normal, and we as a society we have a long way to go to change that.

Watch the full interview with Nadia here.

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