Whistle Campaign 2022

Whistle Campaign 2022

Whistle Campaign continues at Whistle Erasmus Facebook and Instagram. Follow us!

Partner organizations from Bulgaria , Italy , Hungary , North Macedonia and Romania launched WINGS – WHISTLE 2022 campaign in La Spezia on 27th of October.

Join the campaign and we will make your voice being heard!
Stop verbal violence against women!
Stop whistles!

“My body is my temple” – one of the girls from Volleyball team Maritza, Plovdiv, said. They stand all for one and one for all in the battle against catcalling in sport.

Lawyer Veneta Manolova, girls from the 8th grade of the Sport School Dimitar Rohov – Sliven and their teachers Radka Mitkova and Zhaneta Tsankova condemned the violence and mockery of women. This happened yesterday in the Courthouse of Sliven on the World Day of Tolerance, October 16th.

WINGS 2021 campaign video was presented yesterday at the WINGS – WHISTLE press conference in Lesa, one of the 15 municipalities on Lake Maggiore that will take part in the boat cruise on 25 November against violence on women.

Schools, associations and municipalities can make a difference and give voice and wings to girls and women, contributing to a society with less violence.

Girls from the High School for Clothing Design Ana May, Plovdiv, Bulgaria joined WHISTLE campaign against verbal violence on women in sports after a frisbee fair play in the schoolyard. We don’t like it, but united we can Stop it! STOP WHISTLE!

True team work of local administrations and associations. Together with Massimo Stilo and Sonia Franchini, mayor and director of social services of Castelletto Ticino and Betty Beltramea, president of Accademia Judo Castelletto in the campaign against violence on women.

Yes! Together we can!

We can stop WHISTLES and verbal violence on women in sport and life. This is the strong belief of the girls from the athletics clubs of the Sport High school of Plovdiv.

Beware! Do not whistle!!!

The girls from the Sport shooting club of Sport high school in Plovdiv are armed, not just with weapons but with a lot of courage and support the WINGS – WHISTLES campaign.

Davide Tagini, his daughter and son, excellent judokas, support the WINGS – WHISTLE campaign.

Forza ragazzi! Less than 2 weeks to 25 November!

Whistle Campaign continues at Whistle Erasmus Facebook and Instagram. Follow us!

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