Green Fork project

Green Fork project

With the current food and energy crisis in Europe, all food related business has a big challenge – introduce zero waste and low energy practices. After pandemic restauration businesses have restarted at a full speed. During and after the pandemic catering and food delivery have increased, BUT there is a serious problem with human resources in the tourist sector and sustainable practices have to be applied to reduce food waste and energy consumption.

One of the big problems is also the unhealthy diet and the great waste of food especially in small restaurants, youth camps, school and youth canteens. According to a Food Sustainable Index 2021 survey in 78 countries, there is a great disparity among EU countries as regard to Food loss and waste: Italy marks highest sustainability ranking 2, Bulgaria – 15, Slovakia – 32. North Macedonia is not included.

In this scenario, we have prepared GREEN FORK – a transnational project involving NGOs and stakeholders from Slovakia, Bulgaria, Italy and North Macedonia for youth training. Our main objective is to encourage youth between 18 and 30 years in learning green skills in cooking and food management through adequate training of professionals and volunteers. Formal and informal training triggers a positive change in youth – it gives peer learning, new skills development, self confidence.

We plan to do 3 transnational Learning Teaching and Training Activities (LTTA), including Green Cooking Camps, online and traditional training. Professionals and volunteers from Bulgaria, Slovakia, Italy and N. Macedonia will be involved in training and exchange activities to discuss the specifics of each country as regard to food sustainability and promote transfer of good practices. The training activities will be accomplished by dissemination activities online, press conferences and round tables for stakeholders and media – an effective awareness raising campaign on the importance of green skills.

Our partners in this project are:

• Associazzione Most, Italy

• Restart, Slovacchia

• Youth Council Next Generation Skopje, North Macedonia

The project Green Fork is part of Erasmus+ KA2 programme.

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