Welcome to Plovdiv

Plovdiv, a charming city, full of history but anchored deeply in the present. We were pleased to show to our partners from different countries involved in the See & Share project the beauty and history of Philippopolis: the Dzhumaya Mosque, the Armenian Church, the ancient stadium of Trimontium and some beautiful houses in the old town as the “Hindlian” one.

Together with our friends Liliya Sekova and Theodor and the most energetic, beautiful and charming ladies from the gymnastics group of the tzar Simeonova garden we explored Plovdiv’s town center and it’s most recent history. Great thanks to Malina 94 years old, Sofia – 80 years old instructor and all the ladies who charged us with smiles and positive mood. Visiting Plovdiv and seeing it’s history through the smiles and eyes of these ladies is a gift we appreciate . You can find them Monday-Friday 10:30 in Tzar Simeonov park in front of the Central Post Office of Plovdiv and join free gymnastics classes.

We painted Easter eggs and we shared stories and traditions about Easter traditions of Bulgaria, Romania, North Macedonia, Italy and Hungary. A very funny and enriching experience for all of us.

And… as our friend Daniela from Attiva Sportutility team, Italy said:
Therefore, demand the beauty of life. In Plovdiv I felt projected daily in collective lives together with women and men from 5 European nations, in full harmony and purposeful stimulus. For me Plovdiv meant just that, to be welcomed by people who apparently a bit rough but capable of great generosity and affection. Today in Plovdiv with its contrasts and opposites, has highlighted me the need to practice the Easter message of the Resurrection: we must demand the revival of common sense, collective values of union, respect, solidarity age, love and peace, of building not destruction.

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