See & Share

See & Share

New project, new story…

Story telling of a place you love ❤
everyone has a place which is special in his/ her/ our heart, a place to which he/she/we belong…
Let’s make it See & SHARE with others.

Yesterday Nessebar sun and sky paintings made me feel home, bringing back emotions from my childhood and university summers. Stay tuned, You will know about it.
Strolling around with my “See and SHARE” buff, I will tell you stories of my special places.
Ask me a “See and SHARE” buff and jump on our new КА2 Erasmus+ project.

We are five partners from Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, North Macedonia and Romania. For the next months we will be “paparazzi” of the special places in our countries, telling stories and emotions that you won’t find in internet or any other source.
Are you ready to be a “See and SHARE” paparazzi? If yes, polish your smart phone camera 📸 and call me to get your special buff 😎.

Stay tuned to our project Facebook page.

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