22 May 2010: a trip is hold in Graz (Austria).

22 May 2010: a trip is hold in Graz (Austria).

On 22 May a group left for Graz (Austria) to create the penultimate form of the whole initiative. A classical music concert organized by the partner association “Bulgarish – Osterreichischer Kulturverein” of Graz has been proposed. On 6 June 2010, in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) the activity related to the last module of the project Aries, organized by the Courage Foundation of Plovdiv, the Bulgarian partner of the project.

65 children aged 11 to 15 were involved representing various schools in the city. Two psychologists have carried out an activity aimed at developing the social relations of children and overcoming differences, in line with the main objective of the project. The day then continued with sports activities, volleyball and relays, marked by the involvement of all the boys without any discrimination. In an atmosphere of great friendship and celebration, each guy wore the Aries t-shirt and received a strong memory.

Thanks again to our partners, who made this project possible:

Comitato Territoriale Uisp Ciriè Settimo Chivasso (Italia)

Fondazione Coraggio (Bulgaria)

L’associazione Di Promozione Sportiva, Turistica Ed Ecologica (Romania)

L’associazione Culturale Bulgara-Austriaca Di Graz (Austria)

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