Courage Foundation Child and Women Protection policy

You can download the Courage Foundation Child and Women Protection policy in a word document from here: CHILD AND WOMAN PROTECTION POLICYThe main objective of child and woman protection policy is to protect children and women from abuse. Children and women need support and security, protection from the effects of poverty, harm, isolation and violence. DEFINITIONS OF CHILD AND WOMAN […]

2024 Calendar with a special message

To see the calendar, click HERE The year 2023 was marked by a series of educational and awareness-raising events, reaching beyond the emblematic boat journey across Lake Maggiore. The project WHISTLE, thanks to the leadership of the Courage Foundation, engaged participants in schools and throughout various municipalities, with each event aimed at fostering a culture that upholds respect and safety […]

The international day against violence towards women through a stafetta

In 2023, the Courage Foundation launched its fourth annual “WINGS STOP WHISTLE” campaign, a profound movement aimed at combating violence against women, an amazing follow up of the successful project “WINGS” run from 2020 to 2022. This initiative was marked by an emotional and educational journey, culminating in a series of events designed to raise awareness and provide support for […]

WHISTLE School Campaigns

In a compelling union of education, sport, and social advocacy, the Courage Foundation, under the auspices of the Erasmus+ Sport Programme and partner of the project WHISTLE, has coordinated educational workshops among the youth of “Ana Mai” school and Sports School “Vasil Levski” in Plovdiv. These workshops are the results of hope and action in the ongoing battle against verbal […]

Whistle interview with Nadia Mladenova

“Many men don’t really realize that they are bothering or offending in this way, they think of it as a joke. They don’t think that it could hurt and that someone who is more timid might close in and not go running anymore.” Nadia Mladenova is a Bulgarian former Shotokan karate competitor , strength and conditioning fitness coach, Adidas Runners […]

Wings STOP Whistles Staffetta 2022

This year our Staffetta WINGS joined another cause – Whistle Project which aims to prevent and fight Verbal Sexual Harassment (VSH) and catcalling in sport. On the 25th of November – International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Castelletto Ticino, where the WINGS were born, gave start of the Boat Relay WINGS Stop Whistle 2022. Angelica’s gentle arpa […]

Whistle Campaign 2022

Whistle Campaign continues at Whistle Erasmus Facebook and Instagram. Follow us! Partner organizations from Bulgaria , Italy , Hungary , North Macedonia and Romania launched WINGS – WHISTLE 2022 campaign in La Spezia on 27th of October. Join the campaign and we will make your voice being heard! Stop verbal violence against women! Stop whistles! “My body is my temple” […]

Whistle project

The scope of the WHISTLE project (Erasmus+ Sport) is to prevent and fight Verbal Sexual Harassment (VSH) and catcalling in sport, as this behaviour has a negative influence over women’s practice of sport being one of the causes of dropout from organized sports and one of the barriers that limits women to practice outdoor physical activity. Catcalling is not a […]