Wings STOP Whistles Staffetta 2022

Wings STOP Whistles Staffetta 2022

This year our Staffetta WINGS joined another cause – Whistle Project which aims to prevent and fight Verbal Sexual Harassment (VSH) and catcalling in sport.

On the 25th of November – International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Castelletto Ticino, where the WINGS were born, gave start of the Boat Relay WINGS Stop Whistle 2022.

Angelica’s gentle arpa tones floated over the lake with a message of hope of a world with no violencе, we lit the torch and the boat set off to spread the message around Lago Maggiore.
Watch the VIDEO HERE.

The boat first stop was Sesto Calende. We are so grateful to councilors Joe CAPRILIA and Claudia D’Onofrio and the many supporters of WINGS in Sesto Calende who demonstrated one more time that together we can overcome violence!

Watch the VIDEO HERE.

At Meina we were welcomed by the New Generation with a lot of smiles and a very special performance! Grazie mille ragazze e ragazzi !! You are giving us hope for the future!! Thanks also to the mayor of Meina Ing. Fabrizio Barbieri for the great support!

Watch the VIDEO HERE.

The reception of the WINGS stop WHISTLE relay in Lesa was also very emotional. With the phrase “Words can kill” in different languages, the pupils of secondary school first grade “A. Manzoni” proclaimed RESPECT and NON VIOLENCE. Grazie ragazze e ragazzi di Lesa! We trust on you to build a better world!
Thanks a lot also to Angelo Luca Bona – mayor of Lesa, Jessica Bona and Federica Schiavini – town councillors, and the teachers Paola Strola, Massimo Mantovani, Oenella Colombo, Donatella D’ Andrea for the great support!
Watch the video from Lesa HERE.

The scars are a sign that it has been hard. The smile is the sign that you made it.

– Mother Teresa of Calcutta

We will remember for sure this quote from Mother Teresa of Calcutta, written on a red bench in Angera. Local associations and citizens together with the councilor of Angera Antonio Campagnuolo and the mayor of Ranco Mr. Cerutti said NO to all kind of violence against women. Thank you all for being with us for another year!

Watch the VIDEO from Angera HERE.

The last stop of the WINGS stop WHISTLE Boat Relay 2022 was in Arona.
We were very pleased to share this experience with Alberto Gusmerol deputy Mayor of Arona and Deputy of the League and all the girls and boys from Istituto Marcelline Arona who were involved in the campaign with the great support of Marina Grassani, equal opportunities assessor, and Monica D’Alessandro, municipal councilor. Great support also from our friend Giorgio Pierucci and his trainees from Accademia di Judo Arona. GRACIE MILLE to all of you!!
Watch the video from Arona HERE.

Year after year WINGS BOAT RELAY will continue because we believe that together we can overcome any violence and build a better world!! See you on 25th of November 2023!

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