ESCAPE project meeting in Alessandria, Italy

After a short pause, the ESCAPE project team was warmly welcomed in Alessandria, Italy. The Partners from Courage Foundation, Orbi Bulgaria, Silta Valamenus, Stara Zagora Prison, Alessandria prison and la casa di Roma spent the days from 17th to 19th July gaining an insight of the local justice system. At the San Michelle House of Detention, we observed the prison’s […]

Training in Tampere

From 6 to 8th of February we were in Tampere, Finland for a LTT hosted by SILTA VALMENNUS. The meeting was attended by representatives of UISP Alessandria, Courage Foundation and Orbi Bulgaria and their partners from GDIN, Stara Zagora Prison, Alessandria Prison, Comunit√† La Casa di Roma. At Silta, Tampere, rehabilitation works! Young people with addiction, socially excluded, long unemployed […]

Escape Project

The three most rewarding types of rehabilitation for prison inmates are: Education Rehabilitation, Employment Rehabilitation, Counseling Rehabilitation. Different countries in Europe have different capacity to provide adequate rehabilitation to prisoners. This explains the great gap among EU countries as regard to the level of incarceration, with East European countries more than 100 inmates per 100 000 inhabitants (Bulgaria – 105), […]