Delicious week with Green Fork in Martin, Slovakia

What a delicious week it has been for us and our partners from Slovakia, North Macedonia and Italy! The meeting of the Green fork project was held in Martin, Slovakia between the 18th and 22nd of October. The schedule was varied, including activities which promoted sustainable cooking and activities which helped the participants explore the culture of locals. The aim […]

YE ”Living European Stories” – The beginning

Wow, what a week it has been! But let us start from the very beginning of our travel. The first meeting within the Bulgarian group, the participants developed a connection among each other which helped us support each other all throughout the journey. It took us two flights, one bus trip and an additional 20 minute ride, but we finally […]

ESCAPE project meeting in Alessandria, Italy

After a short pause, the ESCAPE project team was warmly welcomed in Alessandria, Italy. The Partners from Courage Foundation, Orbi Bulgaria, Silta Valamenus, Stara Zagora Prison, Alessandria prison and la casa di Roma spent the days from 17th to 19th July gaining an insight of the local justice system. At the San Michelle House of Detention, we observed the prison’s […]

Youth Exchange “Living European Books stories” in Messina, Italy

Courage foundation is glad to announce that it will be partnering in an Erasmus + youth exchange in Messina, Italy this upcoming September! The project will be held between the dates of 6th to 14th September 2023 and the main objective is to combat hate speech and discrimination by sharing experiences and opinions in a safe environment among participants. The […]

Skopje – A bridge to the old and the new

Have you ever seen Skopje? If not, you shouldn’t miss out on such a good travel opportunity!  Let our guide lead the way: SEE and Hear Guide – Skopje Standing on the banks of the Vardar River amid mountainous country, Skopje began as ancient Scupi, an Illyrian tribal centre. It became the capital of the district of Dardania (part of […]

Възможност за вълнуващи преживявания за млади жени от Пловдив на възраст 18-30! Стани част от нашия проект!

Екипът на фондация “Кураж” активно търси млади жени от Пловдив на възраст 18-30, които да вземат участие в нашия въпросник по проект “Fit Balkans”. Всяка от участвалите в анкетата ще има шанса да спечели участие в едноседмичен международен обмен в Сицилия през септември тази година Линк към въпросника: Fit Balkans е проект, съфинансиран от Европейската Комисия, чиято основна цел […]

SEE and Hear – Stara Zagora – The city of Roman experience

Do you sometimes wish time could stop or bring us back to ancient time, just to observe history? If Yes, then Stara Zagora is the perfect place to do that. The city is also very old, and has borne several different names: Beroe, Eski Zagra, Augusta Traiana and Irene Polis.  Confused where to begin from when going to Stara Zagora? […]

See and Hear – Edirne, the city of many sights

Have you ever heard of Hadrianople? How about Uskuduama? A city, mysterious and known as the Ottoman Empire’s capital city and nowadays famous for its spacious bazaars, mosques and cheese called ‘’peynir’’. That is right! This is no other than Edirne whose history also starts with the Thracian inhabitants. Long after emperor Hadrian’s rule, the city was captured by the […]

SEE and Hear – a walk around Ancient Plovdiv

As promised in our initial article, dedicated to the objectives of our project ‘’See and Hear’’, we shall tell you about each and every city and what impressed us and our partners most.  We are starting with the oldest city on the map of Bulgaria – Plovdiv. A city older than Rome, home to more than two civilizations and nowadays […]

SEE and Hear

Have you ever thought about what the connection among Plovdiv, Skopje, Stara Zagora and Edirne might be? That is right – our project “SEE and Hear”! We are delighted to announce that together with partners from Plovdiv, Macedonia and Turkey, we combined efforts to contribute to local and international tourism. The objective of SEE and Hear is to promote cultural […]