Improving the Subjective Wellbeing of Young Women in Balkans through Interventions in their Physical Activity Young women of Balkans have traditionally less physical activity compared to the women of Western Europe and their employment rates are less, so this leads to lower levels of physical activity. In this perspective our new Fit-Balkans project is focusing to seek ways of improving […]


Building Family Bonds Through Sports Project BONTS is designed to increase the participation of all families in sports and games by creating adapted versions of existing sports and games so that both younger and older family members can enjoy them and benefit from them. We start with clear objectives that are: • Encourage parents and children to actively engage in […]

Green Fork project

With the current food and energy crisis in Europe, all food related business has a big challenge – introduce zero waste and low energy practices. After pandemic restauration businesses have restarted at a full speed. During and after the pandemic catering and food delivery have increased, BUT there is a serious problem with human resources in the tourist sector and […]

Whistle project

The scope of the WHISTLE project (Erasmus+ Sport) is to prevent and fight Verbal Sexual Harassment (VSH) and catcalling in sport, as this behaviour has a negative influence over women’s practice of sport being one of the causes of dropout from organized sports and one of the barriers that limits women to practice outdoor physical activity. Catcalling is not a […]