The international day against violence towards women through a stafetta

The international day against violence towards women through a stafetta

In 2023, the Courage Foundation launched its fourth annual “WINGS STOP WHISTLE” campaign, a profound movement aimed at combating violence against women, an amazing follow up of the successful project “WINGS” run from 2020 to 2022. This initiative was marked by an emotional and educational journey, culminating in a series of events designed to raise awareness and provide support for vulnerable groups. Co-financed by the European Union within the Erasmus+Sport Programme, the core activity of the project WHISTLE was the local campaign “WINGS STOP WHISTLE” which has been strategically planned for November 24, the day before the International Day against Violence towards Women.

This unforgettable local event, featured a symbolic boat that traversed the picturesque municipalities of Lake Maggiore, including Stresa, Lesa, Meina, Arona, Angera, Sesto Calende, and Castelletto Ticino. This journey was not merely a passage through these cities but a meaningful engagement with the their communities. At each stop, participants, including civilians, high school students, local authorities, and representatives from various organizations, including those dedicated to protecting women, came together to honor the victims of violence and to pledge their commitment to creating a safer world for women.

In Meina, for instance, the campaign took a deeply symbolic turn as students crafted 106 paper boats, releasing them into the lake to represent the 106 women who had tragically lost their lives to abuse in 2023. This act, along with the honoring of specific cases like Giulia Cecchettin, underscored the personal tragedies behind the statistics, making the campaign’s message all the more poignant.

Lesa’s participation in the campaign was highlighted by a series of impactful events. Under the leadership of Mayor Luca Bona and Councilor Federica Schiavini, the community gathered for event “WINGS STOP WHISTLE”, witnessing the arrival of the boat from Stresa with students from the Alberghiero Maggia Institute. These students, bearing red balloons and a lit torch, symbolized the campaign’s spirit of hope and resistance. The distribution of flowers by male students to their female counterparts and educators was a powerful gesture of respect and solidarity, reinforcing the importance of fostering an environment of understanding and equality!

In moving forward, the “WINGS STOP WHISTLE” campaign, part of the Erasmus+ Sport Project “WHISTLE”, leaves behind a legacy of action, hope, and a call to not only remember the victims but to actively involve all sectors of society in creating a culture that vehemently opposes violence in any form. The message is clear: every individual, community, and organization has a role to play in building a safer, more equitable world.

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