Escape Project

The three most rewarding types of rehabilitation for prison inmates are: Education Rehabilitation, Employment Rehabilitation, Counseling Rehabilitation. Different countries in Europe have different capacity to provide adequate rehabilitation to prisoners. This explains the great gap among EU countries as regard to the level of incarceration, with East European countries more than 100 inmates per 100 000 inhabitants (Bulgaria – 105), […]

Wings STOP Whistles Staffetta 2022

This year our Staffetta WINGS joined another cause – Whistle Project which aims to prevent and fight Verbal Sexual Harassment (VSH) and catcalling in sport. On the 25th of November – International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Castelletto Ticino, where the WINGS were born, gave start of the Boat Relay WINGS Stop Whistle 2022. Angelica’s gentle arpa […]