OASI project meeting in Castelletto Ticino, Italy

OASI project meeting in Castelletto Ticino, Italy

Between the 13th and 14th of October, the OASI team held a project meeting in Castelletto Ticino, Italy. The partners from Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania and Italy embarked on discussion of recent events organised within the scope of OASI, stakeholder follow up and comparison of in-country realities. The highlight of the meeting, however, was the event ”Games with no barriers”

On the first day the partners had a chance to present the events they have organised on a national level and the impact they had on the local community. The Slovakian partners who organised a beach volleyball event shared that young people who have attended were active and the event had a positive outcome for their physical and mental well-being. The Bulgarian partners referred to the Special Olympics in Pazardjik which were held earlier this year. The Olympics included children and students with special needs and put them in a situation where they were encouraged continuously, thus becoming Olympic champions!

On the following day, the partners from Academia Castelletoo held the so called ”Games with no barriers” – an event event dedicated to children with and without special needs from the ages 11 to 16. The goal of ”Games with no barriers” was to facilitate a fun and playful environment for all, to encourage inclusion, communication and togetherness within the teams and players. The event was open to the public, and many people joined, including parents, trainers, residents and representatives from the local authoritity.

The event started with the mayor’s speech, the OASI project was introduced and the participants made a round of the field, encouraging the crowd to cheer.

The players were separated into three teams, each of which included children with special and non special needs. We challenged the participants, encouraging them to work together, communicate and cheer for each other. The games were of various nature, such as shooting into hoops and walking around cones.

The constentants dedicated themselves to the event, played together without borders and all of them won. Because when there is team spirit, communication and understanding, we all win!

After emotional ending of the event, the partners led a varied discussion on what the impact was. They also embarked on the current in-country realities and held a meeting with the stakeholders.

It was such an exciting and emotional experience, and we can’t wait for the next OASI meeting in Romania!

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