Final TPM in Greece

Last meeting in Athens for the CHANCE project. All young people with different backgrounds need to have the CHANCE to choose between training, family, work… normal life and criminality. If, with the CHANCE project we managed to inspire professionals and volunteers to help young people to choose, we did a good job. That is what we what to convey to […]

WINGS campain 2021

During the first edition of WINGS we were so successful that we decided to do it again but this time trying to unite people in this fantastic cause. We involved 11 municipalities on Lake Maggiore and on 25 November through a boat, which took us from one municipality to another, where on board there was always the torch (symbol of […]

Meeting in Lisbon

Just before the second edition of Wings on the 19 of November 2021 all the partners met in Lisbon for the last meeting. We talked about the past edition of WINGS campain and the future one, about all the fantastics results from the people all over Italy and Bulgaria but also the word, but also how to help youg women […]

Press conference Wings 2021

During the monrning of the 15 of November 2021 mayors, councilors, and councilors of Arona, Sesto Calende, Castelletto Ticino, Angera, Ranco, Meina, Lesa, Massino Visconti, and Nebbiuno gathered today in Arona at the press conference for the second edition of the WINGS relay against violence against women. On a journey by land and water for the world day against violence […]

Our first See & Share journey in Hungary

Our See & SHARE journey starts with a visit of Nyíregyháza, a city situated in the northwest of Hungary. From 11th to 15th October 2021 we visited a lot a lovely places and shared stories with the local people. Our first stop was Jósa András Museum in Nyíregyháza, one of the oldest in Hungary, famous whit his collections dating back […]

3rd TPM in Silta

At Silta, Tampere, we saw for real life that rehabilitation works. Young people, even prisoners, have a CHANCE to choose. At Silta they are not alone, they find professionals (not burocrates), peers, and friends to discuss problems and plans. No surprise Finland is a country where the number of prisoners is two times and more less than in Bulgaria and […]

AMORE Project

According to 2018 Eurobarometer Bulgaria owns the absolute first place in Europe for physical inactivity among adult population with 68%, Romania follows with 63%, then Italy, with 62%. Our project Aging Movement or Rethinking Aging, AMORE, unites the efforts of 4 partners from 3 of the EU countries with highest level of inactive adults – Bulgaria, Romania and Italy. It […]

Meetings in Italy

From 22 to 26 May 2021 we all met in Castelletto sopra Ticino for a fantastic meeting organized by Accademia Judo Castelletto, where they took us to the administrations of Castelletto and Arona. They hosted us and shared their commitment against all kinds of violence. “Violence is the last refuge of the incapable!” Also the 3rd of July the Portuguese […]