Our first See & Share journey in Hungary

Our first See & Share journey in Hungary

Our See & SHARE journey starts with a visit of Nyíregyháza, a city situated in the northwest of Hungary. From 11th to 15th October 2021 we visited a lot a lovely places and shared stories with the local people.

Our first stop was Jósa András Museum in Nyíregyháza, one of the oldest in Hungary, famous whit his collections dating back to the Bronze Age. The first archaeological exhibition was presented in 1871 and the archaeological pieces exhibited at that time were also exhibited at the World Archeology Exhibition in Budapest in 1876. In 1925 the museum moved into the imposing building it still occupies today.

We visited also the Kállay house in Nyíregyháza which preserves the memory of an old Hungarian noble family and Tokaj-Hegyalja’s vineyards famous for their white, sweet or dry wine. Tokaj wine became the first wine of controlled origin in the world, several decades before the Porto wine, and over 120 years before the wine of Bordeaux. We learned that the classification of vineyards began in 1730 by dividing vineyards into 3 categories depending on soil, sun exposure and potential to develop noble rot, botrytis cinerea. Stefan the Great brought to Cotnari the Kövérsz otl ari variety, which adapted so well that it gave even bigger and sweeter grapes and from which the Cotnari Greasy wine was obtained. Happy to be on the long list of those who appreciated and appreciate Tokaj and Cotnari wines.

Our last stop was Sostoi Muzeumfalu, an ethnographic museum which represents Hungarian country side lifestyle. Our team was so impressed to learn some facts for the Hungarian life from 18-19th century. The museum is in open area.

It was interesting, impressive and emotional to visit and learn about Hungarian history and Tokaj wine region. Partners from Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, North Macedonia and Italy, see you soon in our next trip to Plovdiv. 😊

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