Mindful media: Shaping youth well-being

Social media has become a tool for young people to express themselves, to share their ideas and observe other people’s experiences. The content on social media¬†greatly influences the views and opinions of people. It is a great platform to talk about important matters in society such as mental health, body shaming. Social media has the power to influence people positively […]

Art therapy – A bridge to social development

In recent years art therapy has become a significant tool when it comes to working with young people – many educational centers, schools and youth facilities have centered their efforts to build on creating a more stress-free environment where children and young people can express themselves through music and art. Between the 3rd and 7th of June, Courage Foundation hosted […]

Good practice exchange – ”Stories behind bars”

At the end of every project, it is always a good idea to look back and share the good practices we have gained from each other. The ESCAPE project brought together organisations from three different countries – Italy, Finland and Bulgaria. Thanks to the mobilities of the project, professionals from the three countries have been able to observe and experience […]

OASI Recommendations for Policy Makers

Our project ”OASI” is undoubtedly impactful. Throughout its scope, we have been able to attend and organise events that are inclusive to young people of all abilities. We have also managed to reach multiple people that work in the sports sector, including municipalities, sports centers, schools, educational centers and centers that work with children and young people with disabilities. We […]

ESCAPE: Art and media in support of inmates

Radio transmitting from BNR on the project ESCAPE with the participation of the Courage Foundation’s coordinator, Lucia Veleva, who discusses the ways to integrate inmates:

Prison – comparative realities and reflection

As a part of the final training and dissemination activities of the Erasmus+ KA2 ESCAPE project, we visited the prison in Stara Zagora. Our meeting with representatives from different departments was enriching and inspired a space for reality comparisons among the 3 partners countries: Finland, Bulgaria and Italy. The Stara Zagora prison was built back in 1930. Nowadays it holds […]

Forum theatre as a way to address social issues

Forum theatre serves as an innovative lens through which to examine and address pressing social issues from diverse perspectives. As participants embody narratives, audiences are invited to observe and engage with the depicted scenarios, prompting them to contemplate alternative approaches and fostering post-performance discussions. This is what happened on the second day of the last meeting of the ESCAPE project, […]