EQUIFISC activities in Kazanlak, Bulgaria

EQUIFISC activities in Kazanlak, Bulgaria

On the 28th of May this year, the Courage foundation team and a trainer from The Bulgarian Flying Disc Federation visited two schools in Kazanlak, Bulgaria. 

 Many of us have heard about playing frisbee on the beach or ‘’the flying dish’’, but that doesn’t depict the sport well enough. What makes the flying disc an exceptional sport is that men and women can compete together in one team. Moreover, there is no referee present therefore the participants are responsible for counting points and observing their own and the other team’s actions

The objective of our visit was to get students from different grades acquainted with the flying disc sport more closely by introducing engaging and interesting activities which they could play together. We tried various games such as  a modernized version of ‘’keep away’’ – a game in which a person stands in the middle and tries to catch the frisbee from the other players, who are in a circle around him or her. As the game progressed, we created some rules which contributed to the game being less static and more challenging to the students. Another game we invented together was ‘’frisbee football’’ which is very similar to football, but instead of playing with feet, we played with hands under the same rules as the original game. 

The students from both schools were enthusiastic, focused and passionate. Some of them were especially keen and were curious as to when they will have a chance to meet us again and play frisbee together. This was exactly the impact we strived for from the beginning, and we hope that in the future, they will keep playing and introducing the flying disc sport to their peers, friends and family!

Courage foundation would like to thank National School of Plastic Arts and Design “Academic Dechko Uzunov” and Vocational High School of Tourism and Light Industry for the cooperation and special thanks to everyone who participated in the activities!

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