Our 1st Green Fork training

Our 1st Green Fork training

Our first Green Fork training took place from 20-25th November 2022 at Castelletto Ticino.

Participants from Bulgaria, Italy, Slovakia, and North Macedonia were very interested in learning contemporary practices of green cooking and know more about the Italian kitchen based on the principles of waste-free and healthy cooking. Our master chef shared with the group how to select fresh products and adapt the recipe with season vegetables variations, how to store food according to the principle of FIFO (first in, first out), how to cook using less electricity and water and how to use less plastic packaging in the kitchen.

Apart from theories, hands in the dough is the best way to learn. Pizza, focaccia, fresh pasta, lasagna and delicious Italian risotto made with rice from Novara province known as one of the best quality rice in Italy and Europe. Not only tasty, delicious! In the Italian kitchen every detail is important – the selection of flower and east, the temperature and humidity in the fridge where the dough is levitated, the number of days of the levitation period… Pizza is an art and you need to learn it from masters like Filippo and Mattia from Circolo Castelletto. Special thanks for being our host one more time!

Special thanks also to Nikolay Rayshinov and his team from the Bulgarian National TV who made this lovely video to promote green cooking practices in Bulgaria.

See more videos and photos in our Facebook page and stay tuned for more news from Green Fork project.

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