EquFisc first frisbee trainings

EquFisc first frisbee trainings

The terrain is not important when we want to have fun. Any schoolyard or just a flat meadow in the park could be enough. And of course anyone, no matter age or gender, is welcomed to join the game.

Our first frisbee trainings, under EquFisc Erasmus+ Sport project, started in the city of Kazanlak on 9th of November. Together with our super coaches Lubomir Botev from the Bulgarian Flying Disc Federation and Ogi from the Croatian Frisbee Federation we visited three schools and children had a lot of fun throwing and catching the flying disc.

In the first school NUPID “Akad. Dechko Uzunov” it was planned that just one class will participate in the training but finally almost all the school went out wishing to try. We were warmly welcomed by the director of the school Petia Minekova and the sport teacher Panayot Panayotov who are very interested to continue to practice flying disc with the students.

In the second one – Vocational school in Light Industry and tourism PGLPT we had just one class, but girls and boys enjoyed together the game learning that Frisbee is a really friendly game that builds tolerance and responsibility in young people. We are sure that with the support of their teacher Juliana Filipova after a few weeks they will be champions ready for a frisbee tournament.

Our third training place was the Humanitarian school ‘Cyril and Methodius’. It was a bit difficult to play frisbee in such a small sport hall, but our trainers Lubo and Ogi made a great work and girls and boys together really enjoyed Equal Steps with a Flying disc. Next training with their teacher Tatiana Rakhmanlieva will be in the open.

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