See & Hear

See & Hear

Every day more and more older members of the society are feeling vulnerable and threatened by millennials’ unwillingness to change their way of living. This intergenerational conflict could intensify if the Covid-19 crisis lasts. In the same time, there is also a risk of increasing the gap between EU and non EU neighbouring countries.

That’s why there is an urgent need to take actions to foster intergenerational and inter-country dialogue on the common European values, with a starting point European cultural heritage and its deep meaning as regard to the privileges and requirements that come with Europe’s shared values. Our project See and Hear starts with this main objective.

Young people and seniors from Bulgaria, Turkey and North Macedonia will be involved in training and exchange activities to discuss common European cultural heritage (world-famous as well as less notable sites) and its interpretation in view of the common European values.

During the project we will interpret European cultural heritage (world-famous as well as less notable sites) by providing opportunities to seniors and youth to exchange experiences in joint initiatives. They will share firsthand interpretation of local heritage and discuss Europe’s values, by reflecting the way that people lived in the past and live in the present.

The project will increase knowledge about EU programs and in particular Erasmus+ and the opportunities it provides to citizens of all ages and backgrounds.

After the completion of the SEE and Hear project the results will be available to stakeholders and ordinary citizens, through the open access to project outputs. Project outputs will be available through a digital platform and will include a digital library of thematic routes that interpret the landscape of surroundings of places where partners are based. The value of these routes lies in the fact that places of cultural, historic, or natural interest are interpreted by “non-expert” citizens of different ages who add their own point of view.

The project See & Hear is part of Erasmus+ KA2 program.

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