“We are all in the same boat” – 2023 Whistle campaign

“We are all in the same boat” – 2023 Whistle campaign

Within the scope of our WHISTLE project, the 2023 campaign has been emotional, touching and teaching to everyone involved. In the next three posts, we will tell you more about what happened.

In order to honor the 25th of November, the International day against violence towards women, we organised two major events – one for raising awareness on the issue, and one for providing vulnerable target groups with a perspective on VSH.

Starting with the awareness raising campaign, on the 24th of November, we organised a Stafetta with a boat relay around the municipalities of lake Maggiore in Italy. The municipalities we included are Stresa, Lesa, Meina, Arona, Angera, Sesto Calende and Castelletto Ticino. We made a stop in each municipality and were met by civilians, high school students, representatives of local authorities, representatives of the red cross and various organisations, including such whose goal is to protect women. Each stop organised something different to honor and raise awareness on VSA and domestic violence. For example, in Meina, the students made 106 paper boats and let them into the lake, representing the 106 women who have died from abuse in 2023.We also honored various unfortunate cases such as the one of Giulia Cecchettin where students held up her picture.

For more information on our boat relay and school campaigns, read our next posts!

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