OASI transnational project meeting in Plovdiv and Pazardjik

OASI transnational project meeting in Plovdiv and Pazardjik

Between the 30th May and 1st June 2023 the OASI team members held a project meeting in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The partners from Italy – Accademia Castelletto Judo , Slovakia – OTI  and Romania – AEST were hosted by Courage Foundation. We were delighted to meet in person for the first time face to face.

On 31st May, we travelled to Pazardjik to attend a Special olympics event organized by the Regional center for inclusive education support. The sports affair was held under the script “Sport is for everyone – Healthier, braver and happier!” and gathered 50 children with and without special needs in a heated competition for first place. They won the hearts of the audience which tirelessly cheered and applauded them throughout their performance. The OASI team watched each and every moment closely from the beginning until the end. We later on reflected on this moment as a valuable lesson that it is not the fastest who wins, but the one who truly tries. 

On the next day of our project meeting, we dedicated time to presenting our organizations, their values and objectives.All partners shared information about the activities for the next project period.  We  planned 2 more project meetings – one in October in Castelletto Ticino, Italy, and another one in Bucharest, Romania during  Spring 2024. They will help us evaluate our work together, the progress that we have achieved since the beginning of our project and exchange experience on how we can make sports as inclusive, accessible and fun for everyone!

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