Green Fork project

With the current food and energy crisis in Europe, all food related business has a big challenge – introduce zero waste and low energy practices. After pandemic restauration businesses have restarted at a full speed. During and after the pandemic catering and food delivery have increased, BUT there is a serious problem with human resources in the tourist sector and […]

OASI project

According to estimates from the World’s Children 2021 report by UNICEF, mental health disorders, including depression and anxiety, are now present in 16.3% of European youth aged 10–19 years, an estimate that is higher than the global average of 13.2%. Sport and physical exercise in the open air is one of the most effective ways to prevent and treat mental […]

EquFisc project

Our new partnership project is called EquFisc – Equal Steps with a Flying Disc, project Nº 101049874, supported under the European Union ERASMUS-SPORT-2021-SSCP program and hosted by the Croatian Flying Disc Federation, in Zagreb. Mothers and daughters do not exercise as actively as boys in rural areas. As a result, the issue of gender inequality comes to the fore in […]

Whistle project

The scope of the WHISTLE project (Erasmus+ Sport) is to prevent and fight Verbal Sexual Harassment (VSH) and catcalling in sport, as this behaviour has a negative influence over women’s practice of sport being one of the causes of dropout from organized sports and one of the barriers that limits women to practice outdoor physical activity. Catcalling is not a […]